Visualizing Cultures project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. History through visuals from the historic record. (Creative Director)

"Visualizing Japan (1850s-1930s): Westernization, Protest, Modernity" a first-time collaborative MOOC between MITx and HarvardX, September 3-October 22, 2014. (Lead Content Developer)

Visualizing Portugal: The New State (1933-1974)” commissioned by the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. (Executive Director)

"Visualizing Asia in the Modern World" conferences on image-driven scholarship co-sponsored by Visualizing Cultures, Yale University (2010 and 2013), Harvard University (2011), and Princeton University (2012) (presenter)

"Star Festival," an interactive documentary featuring George Takei, awarded a Best in Show at MacWorld Expo view modified web version (Producer/Writer)

RIDE: Paula Josa-Jones' Ride site focuses on work with horses and dance. (collaborator)


Botticelli Interactive, Inc. (1995-2002) press kit with project descriptions, awards, press, and testimonials. (President)

CAiiA (Centre for Advanced inquiry in the Interactive Arts), Planetary Collegium, Plymouth University, UK, Roy Ascott, director. (PhD student)

Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT (SMVisS, Otto Piene, advisor)

Directing Workshop for Women, American Film Institute, LA (alumna)

Colleagues & Collaborators

Luc Courchesne - artist and designer

Beth Galston - environmental sculptor

Paula Josa-Jones - choreographer and equestrian

Don Ritter - sound and installation artist

Bill Seaman - artist and theorist

Dorothy Shamonsky - UX designer