text = history ≠ past

...the so-called past (the before now) doesn’t exist ‘meaningfully’ prior to the efforts of historians to impose upon it a structure or form; ‘the before now’ is utterly shapeless and knows of no significance of its own either in terms of its whole or its parts before it is ‘figured out’ by us. Consequently, no historian or anyone else acting as if they were a historian ever returns from his or her trip to ‘the past’ without precisely the historicisation they wanted to get; no one ever comes back surprised or empty-handed from that destination.
— Keith Jenkins, Refiguring History: New Thoughts On an Old Discipline (2002)
...the testimony of images is essential for historians of mentalities, because an image is necessarily explicit on issues that may be evaded more easily in texts.
— Peter Burke, Eyewitnessing: The Uses of Images as Historical Evidence (2011)